Best Sports Watches for Men Buying Guide

A watch is essential for every day activities. This enables us to perform our activities in a systematic manner. When it comes to having one of the best sport watches, you have to consider the different features that come with these watches. Sports watches are designed specifically for sportspersons. However they are not limited to keeping time only. They have unique features that make your sporting life interesting and simple to keep tract of. For the swimmers they are water resistant and in that case you can be able to tract your best time.

For the hikers they are able to withstand high altitudes. In addition to that they are enabled with compasses to help you determine the location that you are in. Sport watches are therefore more than watches as they are designed to fit in all adventures relating to sports. Different sports watches have different features that will enable you to survive in your sporting adventures. In that case you should aim to choose a good sports watch that is equipped with all the features essential for great adventures.

Take a look first at this table of some of the best-selling top-rated sports watches in Amazon so you can have an idea what features are popular today:

Best-selling Sports Watches

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
4 1/2 StarsAbout $60.99
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U.S. Polo Assn. Sport Men's US9061 Black Rubber Strap Watch
4 StarsAbout $22.00
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Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom
3 1/2 StarsAbout $159.00
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Casio Men's DW5600E-1V "G-Shock" Classic Digital Watch
4 1/2 StarsAbout $43.00
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Stuhrling Original Men's 395.33U16
4 1/2 StarsAbout $49.00
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Basic Features of Good Sport Watches

Apart from keeping time, sports watches have various special features enabled in them. These features make them unique. They have a tachymeter. This is a scale found around the rim of some of the best sports watches in the market. It is mostly found in the watches of the sailors and athletes. This is because the scale located in the tachymeter is used to measure the distance in relation to speed. With this type of feature, you will be able to measure the speed with which you are moving.

Another important feature is the night mode. This feature is important as you will be able to view time even at night in the dark. This type of watch is essential for explorers in their adventure. They will be able to read time in any condition. This includes the time they are in caves where it is pitch dark.

A good sports watch will be enabled with a calendar feature. This is an important feature as you will be able to tell which day it is. It is essential for sailors in their long adventures into the ocean. They will be able to determine the date with ease. A good sports watch has also a shock resistance feature. This prevents the watch from being damaged once they fall. This can be essential for hikers as they are always rubbing against hard rocks. In that case the watch will be left in good condition.

Advanced Features

Sports watches have advanced features which specialized in sporting activities. The heart rate monitor is a special feature in sports watches that is used to determine the rate of heart beat. It is thus strapped on the chest of a sports person where it is able to monitor the rate of heart beat while they run. In some cases the heart rate monitor does not contain the straps. It is thus able to measure the rate of heart beat without being in contact with the chest. In this case it is worn on the wrist to monitor the pulse rate.

It is able to calculate the number of heart beats in a minute. This will help you to know whether you need to increase the intensity of your workout or not. When the heart beat rate is low this calls for the increase of the intensity of your workout. On the other hand when the heart beat is high you should be able to maintain at this level and later give time for your body to recover from the vigorous exercise.

Tracking of distance and speed feature is also available in a sports watch. The best sports watches are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) and Pedometer. This feature aids the athlete to keep statistics of their weekly or monthly speed on the track. As a result they are able measure their track progress. The pedometer is secured onto the shoes of the runner. However, before this, the scale is adjusted to the stride of the runner. This will help you to measure your pace during the running. On the other hand the GPS makes use of the satellite systems to locate the position of the runner on earth and hence calculate the distance and speed.

Some of the best sports watches are able to transfer the data collected on your workout to the computer. This feature is important as it will help you to analyze the transferred data by the use of software. This is an advanced feature in sports watch that make these gadgets effective in providing the best services to sportspersons.

Buying Tips

Make sure that the sports watch of your choice is within your budget range. When choosing the watch to buy, make sure that you can afford it. This will help you to save on the time spent in purchasing a sports watch. You will thus be able to narrow down to a number of sports watches that are within your budget.

Make sure that you choose a watch that has features in relation to your sport. For example a sport like swimming. Ensure that the watch is water resistance. This will prevent water from damaging the inside of your watch. If you are an athlete, your sports watch should have a GPS system. In addition to that if you are an explorer or a hiker, make sure that your watch is equipped with a compass that will help you to tell the directions.

Make sure that you choose a sport watch that is user friendly. Some modern sports watches are complex to use. As a result you are left stranded when it comes to the use of some features contained in the watch. In that case these features end up being useless to you.

Finally make sure that the watch is of the right size, weight and the wristband is just right for your wrist. This will ensure that you are comfortable while wearing it. An excellent sports watch should have the basic features for it to carry out its function effectively.


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